The secure browser must be installed on each computer or device used for the online Florida Statewide Assessments. Districts that installed the secure browser with a version older than the version listed on the OS tab must uninstall the old secure browser before installing the secure browser for the 2020-2021 school year. For instructions on installation and to download the secure browser, please refer to the appropriate operating system tab below.

The operating system versions listed on the tabs below are the only ones officially supported. Please do not upgrade to new operating systems on computers used to administer online assessments during test windows. Please also turn off or delay automatic updates of operating systems and check supported systems before updating.

A list of supported operating systems and devices can be found on the Supported Systems & Requirements page.

Access Secure Browsers

Click the tabs below to access the secure browser for your operating system (OS). The instructions on this page are for installation on individual machines. For additional information and instructions, please see the Configurations, Troubleshooting, and Secure Browser Installation Guide for your OS.

For additional assistance with installing the secure browsers, contact the Help Desk.