Installing the AIRSecureTest App for Android

The AIRSecureTest Mobile Secure Browser is available from the Google Play store. The process for installing the Secure Browser is the same as for any other application.

1.On your Android, tap the download link above. The AIRSecureTest application download page appears.

2.Tap Install, and then tap Accept. The AIRSecureTest Mobile Secure Browser downloads and installs onto your Android tablet.

3.Open Settings.

4.Tap Cloud and accounts.

5.Tap Users.

6.Tap Add user or profile.

7.Tap Restricted profile. The new profile opens with a list.

8.Tap New profile, enter a name, and tap OK.

9.Enable AIRSecureBrowser from the list. Users will only have access to the AIRSecureBrowser in the restricted profile. All other apps will be disabled.

10.Tap Back.

11.Swipe down from the top of the tablet with two fingers. Quick Settings will open.

12.Tap Switch user.

13.Tap the newly named restricted profile.

14.Tap AIRSecureBrowser.

15.Configure your test administration by selecting your state and assessment program from the dropdown lists and tapping OK.

16.Enable the Secure Browser Keyboard. (This keyboard lacks predictive text, a feature which may provide hints to test answers.) For more information about the Secure Browser Keyboard, refer to the document titled Configurations and Troubleshooting for Android.