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Click the question mark button to access this Help Guide at any time during your test.

Overview of the Test Site

Sample Test Page

Sample Test Page

Basic Test Rules

Test Tools

Each tool or button that you may see in the testing site is described below.

There are two types of tools:

  1. Global Tools are those that appear at the top of the screen.
  2. Menu Tools are specific to passages and questions, and are accessed by clicking the context menu button Context Menu Icon just above a question or passage.
Global Tools Instructions

Help (?) button

The ? button at the top right will open this on-screen Test Instructions and Help Guide window.

Navigation buttons

Navigation arrow buttons

The Back and Next buttons in the top left corner permit you to move between pages on a test.

  • For Mathematics tests and ELA Reading tests, clicking the navigation buttons will permit you to move between questions.
  • For ELA Writing tests, clicking Next will prompt you to end the test.

Note: When multiple questions are grouped together with the same stimulus, a button for each question number appears in the top right. Click these buttons to navigate between questions in the group.

Questions drop-down list

questions drop-down list

This feature enables you to quickly return to a specific test page. Questions that were marked for review will display "(marked)."

Question buttons

question buttons

Some passages have multiple test questions. You can move between questions by using the Question buttons at the top right of the screen.

Save button


save button

The Save button allows you to manually save technology-enhanced questions. This is an optional feature. If you do not click this button, your answers will still be saved automatically.

Pause button

pause button

The Pause button allows you to pause and exit the test.

  • If your test is paused for less than 20 minutes, you can review questions you already answered.
  • If your test is paused for more than 20 minutes, you cannot review questions you already answered.
End Test button

end test button

The End Test button allows you to begin the process of submitting the test.
Zoom buttons
Zoom Inzoom out
The Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons allow you to increase and decrease the size of text and graphics within a single test page.
Line Reader button
line reader button

The Line Reader button allows you to highlight a single line of text at a time in passages and questions.

Notes button
notes button

The Notes button allows you to open an on-screen notepad. You can enter notes for yourself and save them. These notes are global and will remain in the pop-up window throughout the test.

Note: The Notes tool is only available for the ELA tests.

Dictionary/Thesaurus button
dictionary button

The Dictionary button opens the on-screen dictionary and thesaurus. (Writing tests only).

Calculator button
calculator button

The Calculator button opens the on-screen calculator.

Note: The calculator is available only for Part 1 of the Grades 7-8 Mathematics and Part 1 and 2 of the End-of-Course (EOC) Mathematics tests.


Menu Tools Instructions

Context Menu

context menu icon

To see which tools are available for a question or passage, click the Context Menu button just above it.



Each question has a tutorial video that you can watch to learn more about responding to that type of question. To view the tutorial video, select Tutorial from the question context menu.



The Highlighter tool allows you to highlight a section of text in a passage or test question.

  • To highlight text, select text on the screen, right-click with the mouse, and select Highlight Selection.
  • To remove all highlighting from the question, right-click anywhere on the question and select Reset Highlighting.



For multiple-choice questions, you can "eliminate" an option and focus on the options you think may be correct.

  • To strikethrough an answer option, right-click on the option and select Strikethrough. A line will appear through the text or image.
  • To remove the strikethrough from an answer option, right-click on the option and select Undo Strikethrough.

Mark for Review

mark for review

Select Mark for Review from the question context menu to mark a question that you want to come back to later. The question is labeled "(marked)" in the Questions drop-down list, and a flag icon flag icon appears next to the question number. To remove the (marked) status, select Unmark Review Question.


student comments

Each Mathematics question has a tool that allows you to save a note about the question. To access this tool, select Notepad from the question context menu. After you enter a note, a pencil icon note icon appears next to the question number.

Paginated Stimuli Buttons

Book icon

close book icon

back arrow forward arrow

Paginated Stimuli is a new feature that allows students to view passages using page-turning navigation rather than a vertical scroll bar.

Passages are presented on the left side of the page. You can expand the passage across the page.

  • To expand the passage, click the book icon.
  • To collapse the expanded passage, click the close book icon.
  • To navigate through pages in the passage, use the forward arrow and back arrow buttons.

Expand Question Button

Expand Question

Use the expand question icon expand question to expand the question across the page.


text to speech

If Text-to-Speech has been turned on for you by your Test Administrator, you may listen to passages, test questions and answer options.

  • To listen to a passage, open the passage context menu and select the Speak option you want. You can also select a small portion of text, such as a word, phrase, or paragraph to listen to. Select the text, open the passage context menu, and select the Speak Selection option.
  • To listen to a question or answer options, open the question context menu and select the Speak option you want.
    • To listen only to the question, select Speak Question.
    • To listen to the multiple-choice question and all answer options, select Speak Question and Options.
    • To listen only to the answer option, select Speak Option from the context menu and then select the answer option. You can also right-click on the answer option and select Speak Option. (For example, if you want to listen to answer option A, right-click on that answer option and select Speak Option A.)

American Sign Language


If American Sign Language (ASL) has been turned on for you by your Test Administrator, you may select American Sign Language from the context menu to view audio content translated into ASL.

  • If only one ASL video is available, the video opens automatically.
  • If multiple ASL videos are available, sign language icons ASL icon appear next to the test content for each video. Select the icon for the test content you wish to translate into ASL.
Closed Captioning If Closed Captioning has been turned on for you by your Test Administrator, questions and passages with audio will automatically display closed captions.

Writing Guide

Writing Guide

To view the on-screen writing guide, select Writing Guide from the context menu (Writing tests only).