Overview of the Test Site

Sample Test Page

Sample Test Page

There are two types of test tools available:

Global Tools Instructions

Help (?) button

To view the on-screen Instructions and Help window, select the question mark (?) button in the upper-right corner.

Navigation buttons

To move between test pages, use the Back and Next buttons in the upper-left corner. If a test consists of only one question, clicking Next prompts you to end the test.

Questions drop-down list

To quickly navigate to a specific test page, select a question number from the drop-down list in the upper-left corner. Questions that were marked for review display "(marked)" in this list.

Save button

To manually save questions, select Save in the global menu. This is an optional feature and is not available for all questions. If you do not use this button, your answers are still saved automatically.

Pause button

To pause a test, select Pause in the global menu. Pausing the test will temporarily log you out.

End Test button This button appears after you answer all test questions. Select this button to start the test submission process.

To use the on-screen calculator, select Calculator in the global menu.


To search the Merriam-Webster dictionary or thesaurus, select Dictionary in the global menu.


To view the on-screen formula sheet, select Formula in the global menu.

Line Reader

To highlight an individual line of text in a passage or question, select Line Reader in the global menu.


The Masking tool temporarily covers a distracting area of the test page. To use this tool:

  1. Select the Masking button in the global menu.
  2. Click and drag across the distracting area.

To close the Masking tool, select the Masking button again. To remove a masked area, select X in the upper-right corner of that area.


To enter notes in an on-screen notepad, select Notes in the global menu.

Periodic Table

To view the on-screen periodic table, select Periodic Table in the global menu.

Print Page To print the entire test page, select Print Page in the global menu.
Print Passage To print a reading passage, select Print Passage in the global menu.
Scoring Guide
To view the on-screen scoring guide, select Scoring Guide in the global menu.
System Settings

To adjust audio volume during the test, select the cog wheel icon cog wheel icon in the upper-right corner.


To view a transcript of the audio content for the current test page, select the Transcripts button in the global menu. The text in transcripts can be read by screen readers, such as JAWS.

Zoom buttons
To enlarge the text and images on a test page, select Zoom In. Multiple zoom levels are available. To undo zooming, select Zoom Out.


Context Menu Tools Instructions
American Sign Language

You can watch videos that translate test content into American Sign Language (ASL). To view ASL videos:

  1. From the context menu, select American Sign Language.
    • If only one ASL video is available, the video opens automatically.
    • If multiple ASL videos are available, sign language icons ASL icon appear next to the test content for each video. Select the icon for the test content you wish to translate into ASL.

To provide feedback for a question, select Comments from the context menu and select a comment option from the drop-down list that appears.

Expand Passage
To expand the passage section, select the double arrow icon double arrow icon in the upper-right corner of that section. The passage section will overlap the question section for easier readability. To collapse the expanded section, select the double arrow icon double arrow icon again.
Expand buttons

You can expand the passage section or the question section for easier readability.

  • To expand the passage section, select the right arrow icon Right Arrow Icon below the global menu. To collapse the expanded passage section, select the left arrow icon Left Arrow Icon in the upper-right corner.
  • To expand the question section, select the left arrow icon Left Arrow Icon below the global menu. To collapse the expanded question section, select the right arrow icon Right Arrow Icon in the upper-left corner.
Generic Resources To view any additional resources associated with a question, select Generic Resources from the context menu.
Glossary (Word List)

To open the glossary, click a word or phrase that has a border around it. This tool is only available for certain words.


To highlight text, select the text on the screen and then select Highlight Selection from the context menu. To remove highlighting, select Reset Highlighting from the context menu.

You cannot highlight text in images.

Mark for Review
To mark a question for review, select Mark for Review from the context menu. The marked question number displays a flap in the upper-right corner, and a flag icon flag icon appears next to the number on the test page. The Questions drop-down list displays (marked) for the selected question.

To enter notes or comments for a question, select Notepad from the context menu. After you enter a note, a pencil icon note icon appears next to the question number on the test page.

You can only access your notes for a question on that question’s test page.

Print Item To send a print request for an individual question, select Print Item from the context menu. After sending the request, a printer icon printer icon appears next to the question number on the test page.
Reading Mode

Reading Mode opens a pop-up window that lets you view two pages of a reading passage at a time. To open Reading Mode, select the open book icon reading mode icon below a reading passage.

To exit Reading Mode, select the close icon Exit Reading Mode icon in the lower-right corner of the pop-up window.

Select Previous Version

To view and restore responses previously entered for a Text Response question, select the Select Previous Version option from the context menu. A list of saved responses appears. Select the appropriate response and click Select.


For multiple choice and multi-select questions, you can cross out an answer option to focus on the options you think might be correct. There are two options for using this tool:

Option A:

  1. To activate Strikethrough mode, open the context menu and select Strikethrough.
  2. Select the answer options you wish to strike out.
  3. To deactivate Strikethrough mode, press the Esc key or click outside the response area.

Option B:

  1. Right-click an answer option and select Strikethrough.

To listen to passages and questions, select a Speak option from the context menu.

Text-to-Speech Tracking When this tool is enabled, words become highlighted as text-to-speech reads them aloud.

To view a short video demonstrating how to respond to a particular question type, select Tutorial from the context menu.

Test Rules

Navigation Rules

Viewing Reading Passages

Pause Rules

About Print-on-Demand and Text-to-Speech

If you have Print-on-Demand or Text-to-Speech turned on for your test, read this section.

About Print-on-Demand

To send a print request to the Test Administrator, choose from the following options:

About Text-to-Speech

If you are testing with Text-to-Speech, you can listen to instructions, passages, and questions in the test. For ELA tests, some passages are not read aloud. If the Text-to-Speech Tracking feature is on, words are highlighted as they are read aloud.

To listen to content with the Text-to-Speech tool: