Overview of the Test Site

Sample Test Page

Sample Test Page

There are two types of tools available on tests:

Test Tools Instructions

Help link (?)

To view the on-screen Instructions and Help window, select the Help link (?) in the upper-right corner.

Student Clock Tool The student clock tool displays the time remaining in the test section, in minutes. You can choose to hide or unhide the clock throughout the test. At 5 minutes remaining in the section, you will not be able to hide the clock as the 5-minute warning appears.

Navigation buttons

To move between test pages, use the Back and Next buttons in the upper-left corner. If a test consists of only one question, clicking Next prompts you to end the test.

Questions drop-down list

To quickly navigate to a specific test question, select the question number from the drop-down list in the upper-left corner. Questions that were marked for review display "(marked)" in this list.

Calculator (for Math Test – Calculator ONLY)

To use the on-screen calculator, select Calculator in the Test Tools menu.

Expand buttons

You can expand the passage section or the question section for easier readability.

  • To expand the passage section, select the right arrow icon Right Arrow Icon below the Test Tools menu. To collapse the expanded passage section, select the left arrow icon Left Arrow Icon.
  • To expand the question section, select the left arrow icon Left Arrow Icon below the Test Tools menu. To collapse the expanded question section, select the right arrow icon Right Arrow Icon.
Formulas To view standard mathematical formulas for reference, select Formulas in the Test Tools menu.
Line Reader

To highlight an individual line of text in a passage or question, select Line Reader in the Test Tools menu.


To enter notes in an on-screen notepad, select Notes in the Test Tools menu.

System Settings

To adjust audio volume, pitch, and rate during the test, select the cog wheel icon cog wheel icon in the upper-right corner (this icon is available only when testing with Text-to-Speech).

Zoom In/Zoom Out

To enlarge the text and images on a test page, select Zoom In from the Test Tools menu. Multiple zoom levels are available. To undo zooming, select Zoom Out from the Test Tools menu.


Context Menu Tools Instructions
Directions To view directions for each test for reference, select Directions from the context menu; these also appear at the beginning of each test.

To highlight text, select the text on the screen and then select Highlight Selection from the context menu. To remove highlighting, select Reset Highlighting from the context menu.

You cannot highlight text in images.

Mark for Review

To mark a question for review, select Mark for Review from the context menu. The marked question number displays a flap in the upper-right corner, and a flag icon flag icon appears next to the number on the test page. The Questions drop-down list displays “(marked)” for the selected question.


To listen to passages and questions, select a Speak option from the context menu (Speak options are available only when testing with Text-to-Speech).


For multiple-choice questions, you can cross out an answer option to focus on the options you think might be correct. There are two options for using this tool:

Option A:

  1. To activate Strikethrough mode, open the context menu and select Strikethrough.
  2. Select the answer options you wish to strike out.
  3. To deactivate Strikethrough mode, press the Esc key or click outside the response area.

Option B:

  1. Right-click an answer option and select Strikethrough.

Test Rules

Navigation Rules

About Text-to-Speech

If you are testing with Text-to-Speech, you can listen to instructions, passages, and questions in the test. If the Text-to-Speech Tracking feature is on, words are highlighted as they are read aloud.

To use the Text-to-Speech tool: