Overview of the Test Site

Sample Test Page

Sample Test Page

There are two types of test tools available:

Global Tools Instructions

Help (?) button

To view the on-screen Help Guide window, select the question mark Online Help Button button in the upper-right corner.

Navigation buttons

To move between test pages, use the Back and Next buttons in the upper-left corner.

Note: When multiple questions are grouped together with the same stimulus, a button for each question number appears below the zoom buttons. You can click these buttons to navigate between the individual questions in the group or use the navigation buttons.

Item Summary drop-down list

To jump directly to an item, select an item number from the Item Summary drop-down list that appears when you select Items.

  • If an item has been marked for review, [ Item Marked for Review Flag ] is displayed next to the item.
  • If an item has been skipped or not answered, [Item skipped warning icon ] is displayed next to the item.

Save button

To manually save questions, select Save in the global menu. This is an optional feature. If you do not use this button, your answers are still saved automatically.

Pause button

To pause a test, select Pause in the global menu. Pausing the test will log you out of the test. To return, you will need to go through the log in process again.

End Test button Select this button to start the test submission process.

To use the on-screen calculator, select Calculator in the global menu.

Line Reader

To emphasize one line of text in a passage or question at a time, select Line Reader in the global menu.

Zoom buttons
To enlarge the text and images on a test page, select Zoom In. Multiple zoom levels are available. To undo zooming, select Zoom Out.
Periodic Table

To view the on-screen Periodic Table of the Elements, select Periodic Table in the global menu.


Context Menu Tools Instructions
Expand/Collapse Panel

To expand a passage or item for easier readability, select the appropriate arrow [expand itemexpand passage ]. Expanded passages or items can also be collapsed. For example, click the left arrow icon [expand item ] to expand the right side of the page and view the test item and click the right arrow [expand passage] to collapse it again.


To highlight text, select the text on the screen, right-click with the mouse, and then select a color from the Highlight Selection option in the context menu. To remove a single instance of highlighting, select the text, right-click and select Remove Highlight. To remove all instances of highlighting in a reading passage or question, right-click the highlighted text and select Reset Highlighting. Highlight is available in four different colors. You cannot highlight over an already highlighted sentence with a new color. You will need to remove highlighting first, then highlight with the new color.

Note: You cannot highlight text in images.

Mark for Review
To mark a question for review, select Mark for Review from the context menu. The marked question number appears with the upper-right corner folded over, and a flag icon flag icon appears next to the number. The Item Summary drop-down list that appears when you select Items displays [ Item Marked for Review Flag ] for the selected question.

For multiple choice questions, you can cross out an answer option to focus on the options you think might be correct. There are two options for using this tool:

Option A:

  1. To activate Strikethrough mode, open the context menu and select Strikethrough.
  2. Select the answer options you wish to strike out.
  3. To deactivate Strikethrough mode, press the Esc key or click outside the response area.

Option B:

  1. Right-click an answer option and select Strikethrough.

Test Rules

Navigation Rules

Accessing Context Menu Tools

The following tools are available in the context menu. You can access this menu by right-clicking on a test element, such as a stimulus, question stem, or answer option. You can also access this menu by clicking the context menu button [Context Menu button].

Two-Button Mouse or Track Pad

If you are using a computer with a standard two-button mouse or a laptop with a two-button track pad, you can use the right-click button.

  1. Right-click anywhere on a stimulus, question stem, or answer option to display the context menu.
  2. Select the desired menu option.

Single-Button Mouse (for use with Mac computers)

  1. Move the mouse to a desired element (a stimulus, question stem, or answer option).
  2. On the keyboard, press the Ctrl key and click the mouse button. The context menu will display the available options.
  3. Select the desired menu option.


If you are using a tablet, you can use the on-screen context menu button to view the context menu for passages/stimuli and answer options.

  1. Tap on an element (a stimulus, question stem, or answer option).
  2. Tap the context menu button [Context Menu button] for the element. The menu will display the available options.
  3. Select the desired menu option.


Chromebooks do not have track pads with mouse buttons. If you are using a Chromebook that does not have a mouse plugged in, follow these instructions:

  1. Move the mouse pointer to a desired element (a stimulus, question stem, or answer option).
  2. Press and hold the Alt key on the keyboard.
  3. Press down on the track pad until it clicks. The context menu will open.
  4. Select the desired menu option.

Helpful Hints for Using the Desmos Four-Function Calculator

This is a picture of the Desmos 4-function calculator and its parts.

Desmos 4-Function Calculator

Desmos 4-Function Calculator

If you decide you need the calculator to help you answer a question, use the following information:

  1. When starting a new problem, always clear your calculator by pressing the clear button.
  2. If the number in the display is not one of the answer choices, check your work.
  3. Calculators might display an incorrect answer if you enter information too quickly. When working with a calculator, carefully enter the information and check for accuracy.
  4. Always check your answer to make sure that it is reasonable and that you have completed all of the necessary steps.