Uploading Records

Some tasks require you to add a large number of records via a file upload. This section provides an overview of the basic steps for using and navigating the file upload pages (see Figure 8).

Note: The instructions in this section apply to file upload pages only and do not apply to upload tasks available on pages such as the Search Students by TSDS ID page.

Figure 8: Sample File Upload Page

step 1 of a file upload page

When uploading a file, you must first download a file template and fill it out in a spreadsheet application. The guidelines for a template depend on the record type. Guidelines for each record type are provided when describing the record type in the guide.

You can click log file icon next to the Upload History panel on the File Upload page to view a log of the files that have previously been uploaded for the selected record type.

For more information about how TIDE processes uploads, see Processing File Uploads in Appendix A.

To upload a file:

1.On the file upload page, click Download Templates and select the appropriate file type.

2.Open the file in a spreadsheet application, fill it out, and save it.

3.On the file upload page, click Browse and select the file you created in the previous step.

4.Click Next. The Preview page appears. Use the file preview on this page to verify you uploaded the correct file.

5.Click Next. TIDE validates the file and displays any errors (upload error icon ) or warnings (upload warning icon ) on the Validate page.

Note: If a record contains an error, that record will not be included in the upload. If a record contains a warning, that record will be uploaded, but the field with the warning will be invalid.

Note: If your file contains a large number of records, TIDE processes it offline and sends you a confirmation email when complete. While the file is being validated, do not press Cancel, as TIDE may have already started processing some of the records.

6.Do one of the following:

The Confirmation page appears, displaying a message that summarizes how many records were committed and excluded.

7.Optional: To upload another file of the same record type, click Upload New File.