How TIDE Processes Large Files

If your file contains a large number of records, TIDE displays the validation results for a portion of those records, and then completes the processing offline. As part of the processing, TIDE displays a page with your name and default email address, and prompts you to provide a phone number and optional alternate email. TIDE sends you an email when it completes the validation, and a second email after it commits the records to its databases.

Figure 15 describes the entire processing flow for file uploads.

Figure 15: Upload Processing Flow

Flow chart describing how TIDE processes large upload files

Table 28 lists the various upload files and the number of records in those files that triggers offline processing. The column Number of Validated Records is the number x in Figure 15. For example, if your users upload file contains 1,000 records or more:

Files that contain more than 2,000 records are processed offline. For example, if your user upload file contains 2,000 records or more:

  1. TIDE displays the validation results for the first 200 records.
  2. If you commit the file:
    1. TIDE validates the remaining records offline and sends a validation report via email.
    2. TIDE then commits the error-free records and sends a report listing all errors and warnings via email.
Table 28: Record Thresholds for Offline Processing
Upload File Offline Processing Threshold Number of Validated Records
Users 1,000 200
Students 5,000 200
Test Settings 2,000 200
Appeals 1,000 200
Rosters 1,000 200